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Image by Noémie Roussel

Curl Prep

I'm so excited to meet you and start this journey to healthy and beautiful curls. Follow these simple steps and get excited for your next appointment. 



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Hair Prep

You have TWO options. Continue your current regime and book your first appointment. And/Or go through a hair product detox. That means up to 30 days of no heavy oils, butters, greases or gels. These products tend to form a barrier and dehydrate your curls. 

What's a Curl Detox?

The 1st step to healthier curls. 

1. I recommend Innersense Organic Beauty Clarity Hairbath  for your first product purchase. It is going to help remove all the product and hydrate your curls. If you need a stronger clarifying shampoo I will do so during our appointment.

2. Style your hair with your favorite water soluble styling product. Whatever mousses, foams, or gels (except eco styler) you have in your product closet.

Wear your hair in a fresh wash n go. your hair should be down, completely dry, and prepped to be cut first. 




Got Inspiration?

Be sure to save/screenshot any examples of cuts/color that you love and want to talk about during your session.

I am a Wash n Go specialist and you should be comfortable wearing your hair in its natural state and understand that our sessions together are a journey to healthier hair. 

We learn to embrace the shirinkage, frizz, and unique shapes in our curly hair. 


Take Notes For Your Next Wash Day

I want you to have everything you need when its your turn to wash/ style your curls. So take notes or record our conversations so you can be successful. 

 Remember this journey is not made for someone who is experimenting with wearing their curls. If you are not ready to transition to your natural texture you need to consider if I'm the right curl specialist for you. 

Image by Alexa Williams
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