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Curl Prep

Welcome Curl Visionary!

  • Congratulations on taking the first step towards unlocking the full potential of your beautiful curls with me at my salon! I can't wait to embark on this journey together and create some serious magic.

  • To make your first appointment a success, I've got a few tips to ensure your curls look their best.


How should you arrive to your curl appointment?

  1. Curls on Point! Arrive with your curls flaunting their Day 1-3 greatness– clean, detangled, and free of heavy oils and heavy products. I want to see how your curls behave when you style them with your favorite products from home. 

  2. Curls Loose! When you step in I want to see your curls without the ponytail, puff, or bun. I cut your curls in the beginning of the appointment so your custom cut can be based on your routine.

       *If your curls are stretched, matted, tangled, or knotted let me know. I will need to add extra time to your appointment          ($25 per 15 min) 

  1. Note-Worthy! Have your note-taking gear ready or your phone on standby for recording if you want to remember all the curl education personalized just for you.

  2. Inspired? Got a dream curl look in mind? Bring those inspiration photos along! Let's chat about your curl goals, and together, we'll create a beautiful but realistic goal for your curls.

Follow my Curl Prep so we can guarantee a successful curl session. 

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